Just curious if there's a complete list of every verb in the English language.

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no if you find verb list please sent to me i will be happy
For those of you looking for an English REGULAR VERB TENSE LIST, go to
or type in the search-engine of your choice "English Club" and look under the vocabulary category. Good Luck! Irregulat verbs are easy to find, this list took me a long time to find and extremely helpful to us ESL teachers.
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Each to their own, but I find myself wondering what use "a complete list of every verb in the English language" would be, either to students or to teachers. Surely there are better ways both to teach and to learn?
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I absolutely agree, Clive. Surely it's better to learn verbs in context.
well i am an art student, who was looking for a verb list. i needed to find a verb to make a drawing showing the verb written into the drawing of the verb. if that makes sense, im tryin to go fast cuz class is about over. but thank you for helping me at this forum, even tho this forum has nothing to do with art. lol.

thank you
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I don't see exactly what you mean, Anon... Emotion: tongue tied A drawing of a verb? Could you be more precise? Thanks.
By the way, don´t be put off by all of the people that said "try the dictionary." Obviously they aren´t on the same page as you are, since when you ask for a LIST of regular verbs it would be quite difficult to sift through all of the nouns, adverbs, adjectives, and irregular verbs that are in the dictionary. If you were trying to teach the pronouncination of "-ed," I am sure your students wouldn´t appreciate it if you had to sift through apples and zebras to find walk and talk. Furthermore, I understand that when you need to think of regular verbs, somehow the only ones that come to mind are the irregular ones...
there is a list

the Oxford Picture Dictionary has it

it's awful to see how a simple question may inspire such negative and attitude filled responses from some of you

shame on you
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Currently, dictionaries are sorted by alphabet. They act well as a reading and learning tool. It would be nice to create a document that sorts all the words in English language by part of speech. It would be a beautiful writing tool. Within each of the parts of speech section, it would be nice to organize it similar to a thesaurus in both alphabetical index and related verbs together. Such a document will help reduce trite verb abuse.

-Aditya Mittal

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