Just curious if there's a complete list of every verb in the English language.

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I am also looking for a list of verbs which I can use for my class project in Natural Language Processing. We're analyzing the blogs and trying to identify the summary sentences. Having a list of verbs would be useful for identifying the imperative sentences which are often the summary sentences.
Try looking for one on google i did but this is the first thing i saw so i decided to go here.
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PemmicanIt's impossible to count all verbs, it would be a kind of "Sisyphos"- work:
Unless you write a script in any suitable programming language :-)
Here's what I got from my dictionary:

The Mueller7 dictionary is under GPL license.
i found one online once upon a time, and now im hunting it down again, if i am able to find it, i will be sure to get that to you
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Well I ha to dig, but I found one here: http://www.coli.uni-saarland.de/~bos/atp/tvs.html

At least something. Take care, Pavel
Found a list of English verbs. Regular and Irregular, fully conjugated.


Hope this helps.
I hope there is because I need to find one for a project I am doing with my class!

~thanks Emotion: smile
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How about 'He xeroxed the letter'? It's in my dictionary as a verb.

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