Could any one tell me what is the difference between American English language and British and Australian English Language?

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Is this right?

1)The women in (any country) should be treated as the men.(why)

2)Women should be treated as men.(why)

If you don't want to answer this question it is ok.the question is:Do you speak American English?I'm asking that because I live in U.S.A and I'm afraid if the type of English that you speak American people don't use it.

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Hi Bassa;

I am an American woman and American English is my mother tongue. My parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents were all born in America.

But I worked many years for a British company and have visited Great Britian many times. So I am quite familiar with British English too.

I believe that women and men should have equal opportunities, and be treated equally under the law. That means that if a woman is in the same job and has the same qualifications as a man, she should be paid the same salary. Women should be allowed to own their own property and have bank accounts. They should be able to get drivers licenses and vote. In the United States before August 26, 1920, it was illegal for women to vote.

There are countries in the world where women do not have the same legal rights as men.
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I realy appreciate your answer but,I was asking if the sentence is correct.I'm realy lucky that you are answering me because I'm facing some hard time with English and you are very helpful also, I want to ask you something,is it more conveneince to receive my questions by E-mail?you don't have to but if you prefere it.

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Your sentences were fine.
bassaThanks Emotion: smileI really appreciate your answer, but, ( put the comma before the conjunction ) I was asking if the sentences were is correct. I'm really lucky that you are answering me because I'm having a facing some hard time with English and you are very helpful. Also, I want to ask you something: is it more convenient conveneince to receive my questions by E-mail? You don't have to, but if you prefer it I would be willing to correspond by email. Have a good day/night Emotion: smile
The EnglishForward site moderators do not encourage answering questions by email. That what the forums are for, so many people, not just one, can benefit from an answer. Also, the poster benefits because many people can answer their question.

Good luck with your English!
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AlpheccaStars, somehow I never realized you're a woman -- although now I see that your picture clearly is. (Usually the display is too wide for my screen, so I don't always see the avatars -- but did you always have the same one?)
-- Khoff (also female, although you wouldn't know it from my screen name)
To me, there's a slight difference between "Women should be treated as men" and "Women should be treated the same as men," but I'm having a hard time explaining the difference. To me, the first means to me "you should treat women as if they were men." The second means "There should be no difference between the way you treat women and the way you treat men." It's a subtle difference, but for reasons I can't quite articulate I prefer the second version.
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Are these correct in American Englis Language?(I'm not being racist but,I live in U.S.A I want to learn their dialect)

1)I came right after the school was over.

2)I came right after school.

3)STIM academy student.

4)Who is going to win (at) or (in) the end?
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