Hello everyone.
If I wanted to wish my sister Happy Birthday through my blog.
Is this sentence correct that I am using?

"This post is specially dedicated for my beloved sister"
"Specially dedicated to my beloved sister"
Welcome to the Forum.

Say 'to', not 'for'.
You might want to add 'for her birthday'.

Hi and welcome to English Forums. Usually I greet people by name, but I'm sure you are FAR from stupid, so I'll just give your friendly "Welcome!" instead.

In that use, either one is just fine. The first is a complete sentence and therefore a bit more formal. With the second one, I might use a colon after it to introduce what comes next (the post itself).

It's a nice thought. Best wishes to your sister from us too! Emotion: smile

Oops! Clive is right - "to" and not "for." Sorry! (I was a slower typer than he was.)
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Thanks for the help!
Emotion: smile
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