Hi everyone! I need to write an essay that will entertain you. Please correct my grammar, etc. Also, you may do change to help me out. Thanks! here it is.: Oh, and if this wasn't entertaining, what to write about then, that will entertain?

Why I chose nursing
At first, I thought nursing was only for women, but I thought wrong. So, I’ve made a decision to become a nurse in the future. After that, I visited UMass University website and contacted them because I want to go for the Bachelor of Science degrees (BSN). They said that I need to take some science courses—Biology, chemistry, microbiology, anatomy & psychology—in MCC and earn good grades, so that’s what I am doing right now. I know for a fact that nursing requires a lot of studying. As of now, I am struggling with science. I have a sense that I will accomplish my goal if I keep studying hard.

I was on MySpace gazing around the home page and I saw an advertisement saying that hospital needs male nurses. That’s when I felt encouraging because I love helping people. While I was thinking about taking nursing classes, I went to acne.org and went to the forum and I made a thread saying if I should become a nurse, because I love to help people and I care about them, they all said that I should go for it, that I can do it. So, that encouraged me to go for it.

What happened next, I visited UMass University website and contacted them. I told them what I need to study in MCC to be accepted in UMass University because I am going for the Bachelor of Science degrees. They responded that I needed to take some science courses—Biology, Chemistry, microbiology, Anatomy & physiology-- and get good grades, like straight B’s or A’s. However, first, I am aiming for the nursing assistant program and work there while struggling in my science classes.

Finally, I am going to be in MCC for another 2-3 years and then I am going to transfer to UMass University. I know that it’s going to be difficult which I will need to study a lot. I will probably need to quit my job in order to have more time to study and do well.

I hope to become a great male nurse and I am going to try my best to help patients. I am sure they’re going to like me because I am always smiling, good-hearted, respectful, considerate, and faithful. I can't wait to accomplish my goal to start helping patients.--------------------------------------------------------------------

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Definition of entertain - amuse; occupy agreeably

I would call what you have written a motivational essay, not an entertainment one.

Were you specifically asked to write an entertainment essay? It's quite an unusual phrase.

Yes, I need to write an entertainment essay. What should I write about?
I don't know how to write an entertainment essay.
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I've decided to write about diet in the house

How's my topic? "diet in the house" or "diet in my house" I don't know! ^^

I want to write about diet because I am a vegan whereas my family aren't. They eat junk food and I eat very healthy. You think this will entertain the reader? If so, I am going to write later and post it here, so you can tell me if it's entertaining. Emotion: smile


If possible, try to find a little humour in what you write about.

Hi Clive,

I have to write an informative essay. I am thinking of this topic How to build muscles?

Sounds good? I am going to write the essay later and post it here.
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Hi Thank you for correcting me