I'm in a class where my teacher believes she is "God." I have no problem with the authority she has over me but sometimes she contradicts herself. For instance, I read her a section of my paper and she said it was correct but when I recieved the paper back she marked it wrong. My teacher said that this sentence didn't make any sense." Traditional authority, rational legal authority, and charasmatic authority is to be believed as the three types of authority developed by Marx Weber." She marked the word "is" as a subject verb agreement. Can someone please tell me if I'm the one that is mistaken?
GuestTraditional authority, rational legal legal-rational authority, and charasmatic charismatic authority is to be believed as are the three types of authority developed described by Marx Max Weber.

As shown above.

I notice you didn't even get the man's name right. Emotion: sad


it must be are instead of " is" cause the subject is plural.
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I'm not sure as to what she meant by 'not making sense', but I can answer the grammatical part.

Since they're three types of authorities, it would be incorrect to place 'is', unless they're meant to be seen as one ('eating and drinking' as food consumption, for example.).

'Is' would be used, too, in a sentence like "A, like B and C, IS bigger than D."

However, 'are' is used in a sentence like "A, B and C are bigger than D."

Anyone to confirm this?

What I can say is that perhaps your teacher did not pay attention to your reading and could have missed out on the SVA. Humans do err, and since your teacher really isn't 'God', this can happen.Emotion: smile

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