Hi all - just a quick poll to ask how you would you rate the speed of this site:

Fast, Normal or Slow compared to other websites (Mention your connection if possible - dsl, modem etc)

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(actually, i'm dont' well about that you are administrator of this website
Because I cant' find your pesonal e-mail address.
I cant' help your reply button.sorry.. ; )

What i hope to say is...... Thanks for your help and great this website.
I can get many useful information so. really THANKS.

hope you meet more this website.
take care


( this is my website)
feel free leave a message ; )
I'm connected with a high speed DSL LAN. So, this site always loads very fast for me.
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Thanks guys and girls; much appreciated..
Hi hitchhiker,

I am finding the site very slow today.

Hi, I use DSL and I find it normal (not very fast but not too slow) I think is alright.
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Technically, a bit slow. But teachers' responses are really quick and I like it! Emotion: smile
Hi Hitchhiker,

First of all, many many thanks for your help all the time!!
Thanks for upgrading! Emotion: smile The connection is definitely faster than before, and I'm really happy about it.

I visit some websites regularly. Your site is one of them, and I think the speed is relatively fast compared to other websites. (I'm on ADSL)

However, I sometimes fail to connect....... your forum is not shown at all, or it takes a few mins to connect. Emotion: sad In such cases I have to give up.......I wonder if these kinds of things only happen to me.....
Today, several hours ago, I tried to visit here but I couldn't because of connection trouble......was it just a bad luck?

I think Taka made a very good point!
In my opinion this site is slightly slower than average (although I might be prejudiced because of the previous opinions in this thread...), but it doesn't bother me at all.

Best regards,
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the site speed seems ok to me, and i am connested in with a local cable at 100m.
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