Hi all - just a quick poll to ask how you would you rate the speed of this site:

Fast, Normal or Slow compared to other websites (Mention your connection if possible - dsl, modem etc)

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Hi, all. Good to see you here.
I think this site is a bit slower compared to other sites. But it is ok for me . My connection is fine with a 10Mbps local cable. I love this site!!!

Best Regards
Thanks all! - This is really helping us out..

Candy: Is that (connection hanging) still happening? - That may be an issue (I’ve noticed it too).

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Hi Hitchhiker,

Last Friday (29th), connection trouble happened to me a few times. I was not able to connect to the site at all.
Several hours later, I was able to visit the site without any trouble. Since last Saturday I haven't had any trouble(connection hanging) at all...... but I think the speed is getting a little slow again.