Hi all - just a quick poll to ask how you would you rate the speed of this site:

Fast, Normal or Slow compared to other websites (Mention your connection if possible - dsl, modem etc)

1 2 3
Slow as death, HH. I'm connected by wireless to a big box on the wall above the telephone (sorry, IT is my wife's department).
Sometimes normal, sometimes slow, and sometimes slow as death or not working.
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kinda normal-ish Emotion: smile never super speedy, but it's OK. only rarely worth a complaint. I'm on dial-up.
thanks guys, also please compare to other sites - so I can factor in your internet connection speed.

Ie: If cnn is slow, then EF being slow is to be expected.
When a page is actually loading, it is not particularly slower than other sites; what happens however, is that connection 'times out' much more often here than at other sites. Does that help?
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yes, very much so. Has that been happening since Friday?
It seems normal to me ^_^
No, HH, it has been a feature since I joined. Since Friday, all I've noticed different is that it takes longer for the icons (the 'New Post' buttons before the forum names and for the top menu) to load.
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