Dear friends and teachers...

Could you please proofread this text?

I can't use apostrophes!
You must gird your loins and make the effort.
Next time, please post such material in the Essay-writing Forum.

Society's awareness about the environment has grown considerably in recent times. Water quality in particular is pointed to as a major problem to be faced in the coming decades. Industrial water pollution is significant and must be controlled.

Petroleum is an essential raw material today, but its processing, in addition to producing gasoline, diesel, lubricants, kerosene, etc, also generates a number of solid, liquid and gas pollutants that must be treated before being released into the environment. The treatment of liquid wastewater from refineries across the country requires considerable space and energy expenditures, given the large flows of these wastewaters. It is therefore necessary to seek more efficient and feasible treatment methods.
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Thank you very much.

One more question: If I had to rephrase the beggining,

'The awareness of Society' instead of 'Society's awareness', would it be wrong? I can't use apostrophes!

Thank you.
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