Is this true that UK has no snowfall season throughout the year? All it has is rainy season throughout the year.
Hi, we don't call our seasons 'snowfall' season or 'rainy' season. I know some countries have 'rainy' seasons etc but that's not the case in Europe.

Our seasons are called spring, summer, autumn and winter. We can have rain at any time of the year but that doesn't mean it rains all the time, despite our reputation! It rains slightly more in the winter than in the summer. We do get snow sometimes in winter - there are some mountainous areas, for example in Scotland, that should get snow every winter. Some areas even have skiing facilities. Most of the rest of the UK will get snow every few years but not every year.

To be honest the weather is very unpredictable here. You could get snow, rain and then sunshine on the same day at pretty much any time of the year. I've been hit by a hail storm (ice storm) on a hot summer's day but of course that was very unusual - everyone was coming out of their houses to see it.
Hi Nona,

Is this true that sun is hardly seen in UK? It is said things which one mostly would see in UK are clouds and rain.
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No that's not true. Our temperate climate may be cooler than where you are, but we have plenty of sunny days, particularly in the summer.
As we have no idea of knowing where Jack the Ripper IV lives we have no way of comparing your days of sunshine to the days of sunshine in England.

Where do your live Jackson 6666?

No, Jackson, people exaggerate about our weather. We do it ourselves - it's a popular pastime to moan about British weather.

We do get plenty of sunshine really. In summer temperatures often reach the mid 20s c and can go up to 30 some days.

The Met Office keeps records of our weather and makes predictions. . Looking at July 2006, the highest temperature was 28c (82.4F), with some areas getting 325 hours of sunshine in the month, with some areas getting only 1-5 days of rain (more than 1mm of rain).
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I was been in London 5 years ago and the weather was great! We have had 3 days of sunshine and it was only spring!

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