I did not know where he was. I supposed he had gone back to the shabby attic which served him as a studio. It was curious that she should not wish to see him. Perhaps she refused to have him sent for because she knew he would refuse to come. I wondered what an abyss of cruelty she must have looked into that in horror she refused to live.

Excerpt From
The Moon and Sixpence
W Somerset Maugham
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Hi. Is the underlined clause an exclamation? Or is it a question? And why?

Thank you.

zuotengdazuoIs the underlined clause an exclamation?

All of the text after 'wondered' is an exclamatory clause.
(that in horror she refused to live modifies 'an abyss of cruelty'.)

It has the typical "what a" formula of an exclamation.

Nowadays you can hunt for weeks to find an exclamatory clause after 'wonder'. It's clearly a literary formulation. I'd guess 'outdated'.


Thank you, CJ.