The part of the sentence under question is this

Enclosed are a copy of last year’s program and some articles, ...

I understand that if we switch it around, "A copy of last year's program and and some articles *** enclosed.... " is correct.

In French, I know the verb sometimes changes from singular to plural though if one switches the word/subject/predicate order around.

So I'm wondering if the *** is correct, or if it should be an ***?

You have put 'are' in both examples, and 'are' is correct as long as the subject is compound, irrespective of the singularity of any item in the compound subject. 'Enclosed are A, B and C'.

Where we find ourselves using 'is' is usually in spoken English, when are viewing articles one by one, for example 'on the table there is a pencil, an eraser, and a tape recorder' vs. 'on the table there are some pencils, an eraser, and a tape recorder'.
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I think that it's *** okay? Because it sounds much better Emotion: big smile

*** just doesn't work okay?

And I'm just a guest just like you okay?

Thanks for your co-operation. (y)

Kelly and her friends IS or ARE visiting the zoo together?


Kelly and her friends ARE visiting the zoo together.

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