Hi all Emotion: smile Which would you choose for the following sentence ..

Lemon and oil ................the indispensable ingredient when you want to make salad .

is or are ?

I know there are many threads about the same topic but I really don't have enough time to check all of them NOW.( But I'll certainly do it later as I find some sentences problematic sometimes ...) and I really wonder if the same subject is a matter of discussion among natives or ıs there a strict rule about these ?? Which one I should say :

tea and coffee is my favourite or

tea and coffee are my favourite ......

tea and biscuits is or

tea and biscuits are ?? I'm really confused .
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Hi Antalya,

There is the and conjuction in your sentence. You should use are.

Lemon and oil are ....
Also, ingredients, plural.
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Thank you Grammar Geek. It escaped my eye.
Grammar GeekAlso, ingredients, plural.

Sorry ,I've written that my mistake ,I'm a little bit sleepy that's why I've forgotten to write 's'

Thank you Grammar Geek Emotion: smile
SnnHi Antalya,

There is the and conjuction in your sentence. You should use are.

Lemon and oil are ....

Can we generalize it like this ;If there is AND between the words( no matter they are countable or uncountable ,or one of them is countable or the other uncountable ) we use Are .
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It called my attention to your sentences. You have been writing grammatically right sentences. But, you are asking really easy question. I think you are very confused.

As for your question, ''Can we generalize...?''. The answer to this question is Yes
SnnThank you Grammar Geek. It escaped my eye.
Oh you are from Turkey too Emotion: smile But I think you've made a direct translation in this sentence :

It escaped my eye ,No such expression exist in English .You should have said :

I missed that part or I didn't pay attention to that or sth like that ,I think ..
Actually, it sounds quite fine. Also "It escaped my attention."

Some seemingly compound subjects that have an "and" but that are considered as a single unit can take the singular "is." Like "fish and chips" is a favorite dish, or "peas and carrots" is the side dish tonight. But as you say, generally the "and" will create the need for "are."
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