Has anyone ever used https://writing9.com/draft to check the band score of your essays? Someone has just recommended me this website. I've tried it and I realized that the outcome of mine seemed to be beyond my expectation.
Could you guys come to check whether it is reliable or not?


7.5 seems reasonable to me and not too high.

Thanks for sharing the site. Maybe others can comment.


I don't know what standard is expected, so I can't comment on the overall grading. However, there are many more problems than the three highlighted. These are not all glaring grammar errors, but include quite a few instances of awkward phrasing or sentence construction. As I say, it depends on the standard that is expected, but you should be aware that fixing three mistakes will not result in a publication-quality essay.

The comment "3 mistakes metting the goal of 2" is concerning and does not inspire confidence. I suppose that "metting" should be "meeting", but it still would not make sense.

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It is, in fact, a very high score! Essay writing is very hard, so getting a total of 7,5 is amazing. This to me seems totally legit so I think you can keep using this resource. You also should not be too hard on yourself when it comes to judging your pieces of writing. Everyone usually thinks they suck at writing when in reality, they are just perfectionists.

Keep learning!

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