Welcome The Sweet Desert, Adomi, Lost Between the Worlds, and anyone else who is interested. We would like to continue our discussion (that had started somewhere else Emotion: smilePlease all, read and comment.)about Islam, its rules, its interpretations or misinterpretations, and anything else that is related to the topic that can help ourselves understand the religion better, and also introduce the real religion to the non-Muslim community. Anyone is welcome to comment on the issues, just remember to be tolerant of the others' opinions. Emotion: wink Thanks.
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Ahlan wa sahlan LanguageLover,

I hope you enjoyed your stay at home. Ramadan Mubarak to you, TSD, and all the muslims on the Forum
Welcome LBTW, Paul. I appreciate your moving the thread, but it doesn't mean we put Macbeth aside, does it?
Indeed Lost_Between_Two_worlds(LBTW, and I kinda want to know what those worlds are), mentionned certain points I'm not really clear about:
1-" I agree that instead of giving freedom to people, religion restrains them, because they have to do what they don't like or want (sometimes) and the promised freedom is only a symbol, some abstract thing you can find in yourself."
I'm not going to dig deeper in her assertion, but I'll take only some example, from Islam.
-Islam forbids drinking alcohol and/or smoking.
-Islam forbids fornication.
-Islam urges women to be all covered when they go out
Let's only take the above three examples. LBTW,.According to LBTW, this is " restraining people from doing what they want." I Agree with you on all the 3 examples(I took those for, they are the most famous..in the discussions in surrounding anyway). Did you ask yourself WHY?
I'm not a muslim scholar, so I can't try an answer, but I'm quite sure it's for our wellbeing. This isn't a challenge, but I'd like you to come up with one "restriction" from any religion especially Islam (as we're talking about Islam) that is not for our best.

2-"Nowadays many Islamic women have an opportunity to get a higher education and to work. That's normal, but if we turn from this sphere to private life, the situation is very different. I guess Muslem women who at the age of 40 are still virgins are very unhappe,even more than in Europe, because Europeans can always have some excuse: career and the like (not to say that in Europe and America, such situations are just impossible)."
May be, but According to your statement you aren't sure about that. So let's hear it from them. Besides that situation isn't impossible at all in the countries you've mentionned. Believe me I know what I'm talking about.

3- "I wonder how is situation with violence in families: do husbands have a right to beat their wives as a punishment for something?"
According to what I read, a husband isn't allow to physically hurt is wife in any ways.There is a mention of "beating" the wife in case of stubborness, but here also, (again according to what I read, for, I may mistake) he's not allowed to use any other material than a piece/trail of cloth.,and he's urged not to reach her face, stomac and back. However, other means of getting the wife to "comply"(do not misundertand the word) are suggested, that the husband can use.
Dear languagelover, I'm so greatful to you for moving the thread, you're such a cooperative person. If you may dear I want to explain something to Lost Between Two Worlds about striking women , thanks sooo much for everything you did.Emotion: big smile
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Happy Ramadan to you Adomi,Sweet Desert and Language lover. God bless you all.

(I'm not sure if I wished in the right way though)
Dear Savvy, no matter how you say it, or the language you use to say it(a language we can understand), it's the gesture that counts. The only thing I guess, that can match up to your gesture is a THANK YOU
Adomi, you're such a sweety.

Tell me, what does mubarak mean? And how should i correctly wish you? Mubarak ramadan?

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Hi folks,

I hope you don't mind me having moved this thread. It is not really a debate topic, and it is not really controversial.
If you think I am wrong please let me know.


Mike :-)
Hi Mike,

I personaly have no problem. As long as the topic exists and we can share our views about it(In english) I'm fine. It's about English first, isn't it?
Thanks Adomi :-)

Yes, it's great to be able to discuss these things. It is often said that people should never discuss religion or politics, but I have never been able to understand why. I can't help thinking that if people discussed these things more, the world would be a better place.

Have fun :-)

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