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Sometimes there is method behind apparent madness.

A loose all enveloping one piece garment seems perfectly ligical in a cimate that is dry and dusty.

Maybe it's just me but it seems smarter than a business suit or a blouse and skirt.

Mythical Lady ,if you are hurt I am sorry but here we are to show our views and that is my personal view.I feel that everything has been changing and what was relevent in 1500 years ago is not always relevent now.Ideas and views changes with time and place.There are certain things that are common in every religion.Like love everybody,don't steal others property,get control on your anger,don't be jealous etc.Those are eternal messages.

As Stannum said a loose all envelpoing germent is perfectly logical in a climate that is dry and dusty in the same way it is harmful in a wet humid tropical country.And I know that most of them those who have to wear this only do so because of public disrepute and are forced by the rule of their seniors.
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not at all i have a friend who insist to wear Hijab (without covering the face as long as we don't follow wahabi in palestine) while her parents don't want to besides it's ok as well not to wear it (in my country at least) yet the majority of girls like to wear it for religous reasons indeed not because of the public or forced to or whatsoever
I reside in Istanbul at the moment, and I totally understand and respect any other religion,that is different from mine, but I still don't get a few things:

Those who wear peçe ( a black veil covering face,and everything else including ankles) will still appear on public with a funky handbag,or heels, or orange converse sneakers underneath..How does Islam view at this?
guess it's ok . Islam didn't ask us to wear certain colors or certain stuffs the point is that women should be covered without their hands and face so wearing black is more like a tradition nothing else
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As a man, my hormones makes me :

I prefer to see women in miniskirts and tanktop than in all covering outfits. I always love to see women's body. Women's bodies are so beautifull. I love to see women's bodies, especially a body that has a perfect shape.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to find a society that compells women to not wear anything, or wear as little as possible.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to find a country that legally allow nudity.
Australia is quite blase about both so come on down.

Visit Byron Bay or The Gold Coast or Margaret River or basically any coastal area and you will be thoroughly bored with wobbling this and barely covered that by the time that your visa runs out.


I never get tired of the white pointers at the north end of Bondi. Every time I look they seem to smile at me! Emotion: stick out tongue
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Islam compells muslim women to dress modestly, that is written in Qur'an. Qur'an does not mention the detail of how modest it should be. Qur'an does not mention the criteria of how modesty should be. Everything is all about interretation. There are so many interpretations about how women should dress.

Another fact about Islamic teaching that Islam does not alow compulsion in religion.

When a muslim tell other muslim how to dress, he/she is merely telling the interpretation he/she knows or the interpretation that he/she thinks the best. It is no problem in telling other people what we know right ? It is no problem to ask other member of society to follow what we think the best from other choices right ?

This is similar with when parents tell their daughter to not wear only G-string and sexy bra to school.

I know that what Islam teaches regarding how women should dress is in contrary with what my hormones want. And I know that what my hormones want is not always logical.
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