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BTW, there is a difference between a country with a history of more than a millenium - and what in reality is an American province with a very short history.

What country is it you are referring to that predates 1776, let alone one that has existed for 1000 years? Surely not yours. As a people, Americans are no less younger than yours either. Thirdly, my xenophobic friend, you might want to look up the word "province".

Charles Riggs
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Thorp, Washington is right next to Ellensburg, Washington. We also have a Medina, Washington. So you can see why I'm ... Medina, city in Arabic. This is a lot like how someone in New York City might call it "The City".

Medina is, perhaps with some relevance, the name of estuary stretching from Newport to Cowes on the Isle of Wight. So maybe there were some Vectian (Vectic?) settlers in Washington.
Philip Eden
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Thorp, Washington is right next to Ellensburg, Washington. We also have a Medina, Washington. So you can see why I'm ... Medina, city in Arabic. This is a lot like how someone in New York City might call it "The City".

al-madi:na(t) al-munawwara(t) "the Illuminated City". (or "the Shining City")
in Qur'an 68:8 just al-madi:na(t) , usually taken to mean madi:natu~n-nabiyy
"City of the Prophet", against this see Enc. of Islam II "(al-)Madina".
actually the other way round, it's more like calling "New York City" just "New York". al-madi:na(t) is well established as a proper noun in this case, the other is just a common epithet, that has become the established one recently. in classical arabic al-madi:na(t) also meant "place of jurisdiction", "polity" (which is the etymological one, strictly speaking an old l.w. from aramaic). Plato's "Republic" (greek: politea) was original translated (by al-fa:ra:bi) as "al-madi:na(t) . it was where Muhammad founded the first islamic state. the original name was ****rib . Yathrib is used only in the context of its preislamic past or events around Muhammad's early career.
Thus spake Charles Riggs:
Zero, is my guess.

That, surely, was Simon's point.

'The people of Norway often cite the United States of America as the place where people think either Norway or Oslo is the capital of Sweden. It's a standing joke. I thought it was, anyway.'

Because I often hear that from Norwegians. I hadn't met the ignorance myself until I read that report in the IHT.

Should I have kept it a secret?

Simon R. Hughes
Thus spake Charles Riggs:
Charles thinks I am anti-American, but I have nothing on the kids these kids are representative of (the next generation).

You are not a kid, almost all of whom have even more to learn than you and me. Nor are you denying, I'm happy to see since I appreciate honesty, that you are anti-American. (Have we been down this road before?)

Sometimes I think it's the only road you have.
And I know there's no point in defending myself against your charge nothing but a full-blown pledge of allegiance from my part will placate you.

Simon R. Hughes
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Thus spake Charles Riggs:
Er... Ireland is populated by paddies. Nuff said.

So you're prejudiced against them as well?

My mother is half Irish. There's so much different blood in my veins that being prejudiced against any nationality would mean my hating myself.
Prejudice is stoopid.

Simon R. Hughes
Come on, we all know New York is the capital of America.

In a weird response to America's accidental nuking of Moscow in the movie "Fail Safe", the US president nukes New ... to give up some town because we did that, I would've dropped the bomb on a small town in Idaho.

Tit for tit, eh?
Steve Hayes
A lot of Americans recognize Norway, Sweden, and Denmark as countries in the North of Europe where a lot of Scandinavian immigrants to the US came from.

Those Scandiwegians are all the same.
Steve Hayes
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(Email Removed) (Per Rønne):
There is ignorance everywhere. I would roll my eyes at ... of the US. But I don't recall having met one.

In Denmark, it is said that Americans think Copenhagen is Sweden's capital ;-(.

It all comes around. In the Netherlands the joke is that USAians think Holland is the capital of Copenhagen.
Of course these are vicious lies. There's nothing wron with US geographical knowledge:


Hanlon's Razor: Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.
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