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Whoa. The proper name is "New York" (it's officially "the ... are more likely to use "New York" in corresponding contexts.

What about the same issue as "Washington DC" and "Washington state"? Do people in the City of New York calling it "New York" force people in New York state to call it New York state?

I appreciate that you probably weren't here at the time, but many of us would prefer that you google some of the, literally, thousands of posts that RF has made on this subject, rather than having it all inflicted on us again.

Don Aitken
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Thus spake Per Rønne:

An American couple that i met in Copenhagen told me that "Scandinavia is a lovely country" :-).

An American couple I met in London told me: "We've done England this week, and tomorrow we're flying to Australia for a week, to do that, too."

That just shows you how polite Americans can be. England can be done in four days if you skip the Tower.
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The author or the composer?

Composer. Classical music is my avocation. I meant to include Carl Nielsen as well. (I omitted Sibelius and other Finns as not really Scandinavian. I hope I got that right.)
I confess that I don't know any author Grieg; I have only so many names to drop. I turned up several Griegs on Google besides Edvard, but I can't tell which one you meant.

Bob Lieblich
Big fan of Peer Gynt
States and provinces tend to stay the same size...

Except for Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Massachusetts, Virginia, Maryland, and arguably New York and/or New Hampshire. Virginia is unique on this list as having been the only one that changed size in both directions.

Would you count Connecticut's loss of its Western Reserve?

Bob Lieblich
Whose parents both attended WRU
An ancient New York proverb goes "Beware of anyone who says 'I come from New York City'". (I'll admit, I often say that, but because you get tired of people saying "city?" or "city or state?" and things like that.)

For shame, Areff. Tell them you're from TFLCIA.

Bob Lieblich
Whose wife is still from TFLBINY
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Classical music is my avocation.

Me too, me too.
Bob Lieblich Big fan of Peer Gynt

For me it isn't Peer Gynt, but I am a fan of Grieg, also.

My introduction to Grieg came from television I guess TV has some positive attributes. The "I Remember Mama" show used "The Last Spring" as its theme. And I'll always take time out to listen to the "Holberg Suite."

Ok, I'm a depressive
I do very well know the meaning of the word ... U.S. "state", a German "Land" - and a Canadian "province"?

States and provinces tend to stay the same size and remain under the same national government.

But can one say
the lady from the states who dresses like a guy
and who doesn't think she waltzes, but would rather like to try

Steve Hayes
I would prefer to see more emphasis on teaching geography in this small world. Not everyone agrees with that view, ... in Steigen to do so. Taxi drivers in Tulsa are equally unlikely to think much about Oslo. Oslo doesn't tip.

But shopkeepers in Steigen and taxi drivers in Tulsa vote for governments that have foreign policies that could mean life or death to thousands of people.
Steve Hayes
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Whoa. The proper name is "New York" (it's officially "the City of New York"); "New York City" is an improper ... often say that, but because you get tired of people saying "city?" or "city or state?" and things like that.)

One thing I do know is that the capital of New York is not the one that had a chief of police called Pritchett.
Steve Hayes
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