We all know how are children can ask the best questions. Last night at dinner my daughter, Emma, asked my wife, Tricia, and I a very interesting questioned. Emma wondered if it was correct grammar to say, "Isn't she pretty?" because it would sound strange if you said, "Is not she pretty?" Emma continued by confirming that isn't is short for is not.

Tricia and I looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders. We praised Emma for making such an astute observation but we still do know the answer. How is the phrase, "Isn't she pretty" grammatically correct? Thank you.
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CalifJimDoes she also think that languages change over the centuries because too many people have wax in their ears? Emotion: smile
Lol. Some people just have their quirks when it comes language, I guess.
Oof! You said a mouthful!
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I don't get it. Emotion: sad