I saw someone wrote in his report: Smoke was seen issuing from cargo hold No. 3 of the vessel at app. 17:00 hours. (a cargo hold is a separated space under the deck of a vessel)

isn't it more appropriate here to say "releasing" than "issuing"?
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Hello all

I would agree that 'issue from' here means 'to come out of'.

This reminds me of a silly joke:

"Modern electronic equipment has smoke sealed inside by the manufacturers.
I know this to be so. Last week the smoke came out of my television and it hasn't worked since!"
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In my ***, "leaking" would NOT normally be used to describe smoke, but could describe a liquid or a gas. It's not so much that the word "leak" refers to a fluid only - it's the suggestion that something can only leak from something else when it is normally meant to stay inside (or on the other side) the thing it is leaking from. So gas can leak from a gas cylinder, since the cylinder is supposed to contain the gas. Water can leak from a roof, since a roof is designed to keep water out. When we see smoke coming out of something, we know there is a problem: a house is not designed to keep smoke inside it, so we can't say smoke "leaks" from a house.

Oozing is only used to describe a thick, slow-moving liquid. Not really appropriate in this case. "Emanating" would be an appropriate usage.