Originally the Tundra was conceived as Toyota’s answer for the profitable American heavy pickup truck market, long dominated by the Detroit companies. It was designed in the United States, after American Toyota executives worked for years to convince top Japanese executives that the heavy pickup truck market was a big sales opportunity, particularly in Texas, the South and the Southwest.
Putting the factory in central Texas removed it from established parts supply lines, and it meant Toyota would be hiring in an area where wages are relatively high, but a large presence in Texas also assured the company additional political clout in Washington, industry analysts noted. Signs around the plant declared that the Tundra was “Born in Texas, Built by Texans.”
Does 'it' mean the Tundra?
Can I rephrase the underlined part like this below for my better understanding?
By producing the Tundra in the factory in central Texas, the established lines no longer had to supply parts for the Tundra.
No, 'it' refers to the factory.

The sentence is weighing up the pros and cons of locating the factory in an unusual area.
Thanks so much, Nona.