Hi teachers!

One of the thing I have been wondering about is the expression "it brings me to tears". We Korean are taught "You brought him a book" means "You brought a book to him". So, when I first see and listen to "it brings me to tears" I thought it was ungrammatical.

So here are some sentences using the verb "bring", and I hope you native speakers review the sentences and tell me what are wrong.

1. It brought me tears (?)

2. It brought me to tears (0)

3. It brought tears to me (?)

3. It brought my eyes tears (?)

4. It brought my eyes to tears (?)

5. It brought tears to my eye (?)

As always, many thanks teachers!

Michelle Chait brings me to tears

This is a fixed expression — an idiom. Except that the tense of the verb 'bring' may be changed (brings, brought, will bring, etc.), it is unchangeable.

The similar "It brings tears to my eyes" works the same way. It's fixed except for the verb tense.

All other versions are wrong.