Among factors determining the births with talent was better than others in every category, especially for sport and music, the training of them could be a person who good at sport or music is regarded as one of the most critical components. Some people state that talents could be of great benefit to work completed and offer several advantages whiles others insist that having talent are of no real value to do best. In my perspective, having talent or not should be appropriately examined in various aspects.

It is widely assumed that some talents would undoubtedly bring variety of benefits to country developments. One of the most prominent points mentioned is that this factor can directly lead to more great achievements, especially for children who take part in competition in their school. Moreover, they could easy to approach new knowledges such as social skill without spending much time on it. For instance, a normal person and person who is genius soccer player join in football class which training skill of kicking, can see that the normal person take it very difficult while other is not.

Nevertheless, despite the positive sides, there are other viewpoints about talented people, teaching is also essential effects to making better habits for whom do not have talent. A typical illustration of this is that those who are not good at something must work harder than others. They can create their motivation, also they are independent about learning or getting experiences by themselves. For example, students could take a long time to study one subject but they could understand more deeply about problems mentioned in those lessons.

In conclusion, for the aforementioned reasons, there is no doubt the advantages of people having talent. Nonetheless, compared with most other social issues, under different circumstances, the points of views on non-talent person need to be flexibly evaluated.


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