there are alot of advantages to speak English
this is true, ok..


it has alot of advantages to speak English
is this true ?


the other question..

I try to make something..my purpose is that I can do it..

how can I say it ?

"I am trying to make it to can succeed"

I think my sentence is incorrect..


there is a difference between "to can succeed" and "to succeed"


is the correct answer that "to be able to succeed" ?

thank you

I am afraid I didn't get what you are asking. But could you allow me to put my two cents?

As for the 1st question, I probably would say something like "Speaking English is a big advantage" or "You have many advantages over me; English proficiency is one of them" or "It is to your advantage to learn English skills".

As for the 2nd question, you might say like "I'm making every effort to succeed in the exam". "I'm making every effort to be able to succeed in the exam" would not be ungrammatical but to me it sounds somehow redundant. "I'm making every effort to can succeed in the exam" is completely wrong.

As you know, I too am an English learner at a mere beginner stage. So it is quite possible I made mistakes in this answer. Please wait better answers from our real teachers.

There are [a lot of / lots of] advantages to speaking English.
Being able to speak English has [a lot of / lots of] advantages.

The sentences above are probably what you want.

"to can" is impossible. Modal verbs are defective verbs in that they have no infinitive forms.
I didn't understand exactly what you wanted to say in the second part of your post.

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As you know, I too am an English learner at a mere beginner stage.

Sorry, Paco -- I'm afraid you have misunderstood the meaning of "beginner"! An English learner at the beginner stage is someone who buys a box of soap instead of soup, and tries to cook it! We know you're not a native speaker, but you're far from the beginner stage.Emotion: wink
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Hello Khoff

I'm afraid I might buy a box of soap instead of soup. I feel my eyesight and my sense of smell are getting weaker gradually. Even the Niagara medicines from Kaiser Co can't prevent me from that kind of senile decay.