In recent years, the campaign to encourage outdoor spaces in urban areas has grown in popularity. Despite the possibility of a modest increase in crime as a result of these public locations, I personally favor such forward-thinking regulations because of their impact on public health.

On the one hand, the first and foremost benefit is that they will help to improve the public’s health. These days, a great number of people have hectic day-to-day schedules and are working harder and harder to survive in the cut-throat competitive world. Moreover, many individuals who have to travel a long distance to commute to their workplace breathe polluted air while driving. Consequently, public spaces, which are generally filled with plants, will offer them a refreshing escape from pollution. In addition, many parks, gardens, and squares that offer an abundance of freely accessible resources for exercise will also improve their physical health.

Minor infractions, on the other hand, may be on the rise in public places. The case of Quoc Hoc square in Hue city, Vietnam, is such a clear example of this. Because of such a breathtaking-iconic view of downtown, it has attracted lots of crowds of visitors, who enjoy strolling, and gathering with their friends or family. As tourists or local residents who are tightly packed in the space, or may be distracted by their friends, family or even frenetic activities will have become tempting targets for criminals such as thefts. This issue was not only a loss for unfortunate victims, but could tarnish Hue city’s image as a safe and tranquil place as well.

To sum up, I agree that there are a few minus points that ought to be taken into consideration, like a minor upstick in crimes. However, the positive points will outweigh those, such as forward-looking policies for public health.

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