John can hardly forget Jane. She is killing him because he keeps thinking about her all the time. He wonders what is the rational behind this. It is so foolish of him that he keeps doing that. He thought it is insane. She is someone that he would never have relationship with. He is losing her mind all the time especially she dresses in miniskirt and flirts around with the boys in the classroom. Oh, that is killing him. She is terrific inside and out. You cannot get bored with her even though she doesn’t talk much. You just look at her it makes you so crazy. Unlike any other girls that John has ever met, she is so sweet and polite. Also she has the brain as big as Hillary. She has the whole package, which is tall and has big bosoms. It is amazing to see her in the swimming suit. One time, she was wearing it and was driving all guys crazy in my friend house; she came out the bathroom with it on, all the guys gravitated toward her. If you think it is rude to stare someone, who cares if you see a beautiful girl. She is really a doll from top to bottom. Hardly any man can forget her once they see her. Among all the friends she hung out with, she chose John. Other friends felt disappointed because she chose a geek with a big thick eyeglass. They thought she had no taste. John is a really clumsy guy because he is tubby, weighing four hundred pounds.

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You've repeated yourself a few times. You are also telling us too much and not showing enough.
AnonymousAre the passage correct? Is the passage grammatically correct?

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