Whenever she gets stressed out, she smokes. And it is almost too easy to stress her out.

This line is from a sitcom called Brooklyn Nine-Nine

What does the marked phrase mean? I think ıt means she gets stressed out easily but it is somehow strange to me.

Don't we use "it is + too + adjective + to + do something" to imply that you can't do "something" because is too "adjective" ?

For example : Your handwriting is too small to read. (I can't read your handwriting because it is too small.)

I think in the quoted sentence, "almost" somehow make it right this usage.


It is easy to stress her out.
~ A person does not need to disturb her very much in order to make her feel stressed.

It is too easy to stress her out.
The speaker feels suspicious that something is wrong with her.
Normal people do not feel so stressed as she does when very small disturbances occur in their lives.
This is saying something like "She shouldn't feel stressed out so easily. It's not normal."

It is almost too easy to stress her out.
The same as above, but with 'almost', which intensifies the idea of suspicion that there is more to the situation than there seems to be at first.