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It may be future tense, but that's not always like that. For example:

They like to be together = Им нравится быть вместе
Marvelous , Rusalana!. Sorry, the same mistake, again.Emotion: smile
Students: We have free audio pronunciation exercises.
Mmmmh... Let's see : Lana, Angie, Lina... A pattern seems to emerge here : blond, cute, smart and fun... I suppose it's about time I reconsidered my preconceived perception of blond-headed girls.

Emotion: surpriseEmotion: big smile
I didn't know you had a wrong perception of blondes! Emotion: angryEmotion: stick out tongue

Emotion: big smile
this one seems so reasonable, broke the old taboo.
Teachers: We supply a list of EFL job vacancies
Yes, a lot of russian girls are naturally beautiful. And Ruslana is one of those lucky ones Emotion: stick out tongue
Sometime it takes me a long time to wind my way through our labyrinth. Nice to see you, Ruslana.
Haha, thanks, Anton! Emotion: stick out tongue

MM, if you want me to, I can be your personal guide through the labyrinth. Emotion: big smile

Students: Are you brave enough to let our tutors analyse your pronunciation?
Emotion: wink i knew that beauty beforehand ...

Ruslana , you are one of the beautiful Russian girls...no need to tell you because you already know it [F]

P:S: sorry for being late...Emotion: embarrassed
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