...to post a picture of mine.

Hello to everybody! [f]
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Hey, great to see you Ruslana!!!!
Hi Ruslana, you take a great picture.Emotion: smile
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Hye Ruslana! i love your picture.. you look great!
Thanks, girls. Emotion: smile

Yes, Nona, sometimes I contrive to take a nice one. Emotion: big smile

Gingie, don't forget to re-post your picture! Emotion: wink

Ann, so now you know where to find a picture of mine. [f] (I'm refering to your asking whether a couple of other members and I had posted our photos.)
[<:o)] Finally Lana!!!
Why hiding your pretty face for so long time? Emotion: wink
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I know that Russian girls are very beautiful but you are much more beautiful than what I can amazing. Great pic! It's so nice to see ya Ruslana, after a long time know you! Muah oaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... xoxo

nice too se ya really a great pic;)
Thanks to the wonders of MSN, I already knew you were a knockout, but it sure is nice to see you here!
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