HOW MANY OF YOU thought the origin of the language?

As i am lingusitic student i am interested with this question at the moment!

and i thought that at this forum we can discuss and comment on the origin language.

there are some periods goes back to antiquity time, greeks,PLATO...

religion based theories, and national theories ,however i see that ANY LANGUAGE IS SUPERIOR!

what do you think............... Emotion: lightning

Oh, begone, you Tempter! We all here believe that English is a superior language!!!! (just jokingEmotion: stick out tongue-but there IS a reason why this is called English Forums and why so many people contribute here)
I am not a linguist but I think languages were derived for our necessecity to communicate.
Now a days English is the most popular language all over the world.
I personally feel that there are few reasons behind the fact .
1) English people were the most successful colonizer .They captured a decent part of the world as there colony.So there language became the official language of those countries and still it is their official language.
2) Now USA is the richest and most developed country,and they are now controlling the economy of the whole world ,so people are eager to learn their language.Once my Spanish teacher said us that although a large part of the world was Spanish and French colonies and they speak Spanish and French but English works everywhere because dollar(US) speaks every where.
3) It is easier to communicate in English than the other languages of Europe .I am not talking about learning good Enlish but just for communication.
Learning and speaking a language perfectly is difficult and there is no end of perfection.Some people have a natural aptitude for learing languages but one can learn upto a cetain extent if he/she tries.According to me every language is beautiful if one can speak with proper accent, grammar and has a nice voice. Emotion: smile
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some of you like Lawyee misunderstood me because of lack of info

english was apart of german language family according to family tree theory

i do not mean that English is not superior or inferior, i just looking for the origin of language it must not be a national matter it is universal what do you know about it ?

how the human being found out language ?

(you can read Babil's story about language)

Oh, you meant it this wayEmotion: surprise But then I do not clearly understand your question. Every living being has its way of communication and most of them we can surely call "language", as a set of tones describing inner feelings and external surrounding, creating a system which is used to share information among a certain group of animal species. What do you mean by "how the human being found out language"?

you absolutely misunderstood!!!

the subject is not whether English is superior or inferior, of course it is used internationally,

I asked the origin of human language, this matter should not be national it universal! English was a part of germanic language family according to some theories, have you ever thought how the human being found out language?

some offered religious theories some semi-scienctific, i asked your opinions....

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I meant that there are lots of language on the world, how did they become so various and what was their origin language ? Emotion: storm