Hi teachers,
I am very confused about how to use WHO/WHOM and THAT in cleft sentences.I have two grammar books.One says :" It is the manager that I want to see (not:..the manager who/whom..), while the other says:" It is the manager that / who/whom I want to see "

Please help me understand it .

Thank you in advance
This can be a bit confusing.

Are there two managers, and look! There's the one you're looking for? It's the manager that you want to see. (Restrictive as to which manager)


Are there any number of people you can speak with, but the manager is the one you want? It's the manager whom I want to see. Since you said cleft, it's this one, I assume.

We don't usually use "whom" much any more, but I try to avoid "that" for people expect for restrictive cases. Others say that it's perfectly okay to use "that" for people.

So no wonder you are confused!
All three (that, who, whom) are possible for a human referent. Use only that for inanimates. I like to keep it simple, so I tend to use thatin all cases. Emotion: smile

See also "It's the little things that bring me the most joy.".
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