hello,everyone.my major is furniture design,now i am applying for international master program in finland.because i have to take the ielts test in 10 December,so i have no time to correct it. now my letter is a bit longer,but i donot know where should be deleted.i need your help and advie,thanks.the deadline is January 31,2006,but i have to print it on December 15.thank you for your help.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to you an application for the Master’s Degree in Forest product technology in Helsinki University of Technology.

I studied interior and furniture design in Northeast Forestry University from 1998 to 2002,and acquired bachelor of arts.During the four years university life,the teachers impart us plenty of theoretical knowledge,however,the major of furniture is stress on the practical ability.It is the first and most important step to a better furniture designer have a lot of working experiences.So,I often stayed in the library to look at the lasted the furniture periodical,and went to many furniture companies to practice in my own time.Through learning ,I deepen the cognition o furniture,and I master the ways of product and design to different furnitures.For instance,I studied in the list of furniture companies in my spare time.1.Pauls Furniture Company,it is the Chinese Bauhaus.2.GuangMing furniture Company,whose wood furniture are famous in China.3.LongShunCheng furniture company,in which there are the well-known red wood furniture in Beijing.4.TianTan furniture company,it is the best basis of producing office furniture in China.From these famous furniture companies,I could learn the technological process and production method.so,I spent lots of time on the pratice ,then I would discussed with my teachers. I often join in the design competition,in 2001 I acquired the award of freshmen in in HeiLongJing provinence industrial design product.because I costed most of my time to add the working experience,it lead to my academic record are ideal.however,I believe they donot represent the true ability,the plenty of working experience are the basis to success.my graduation project did not choose the furniture as the design title instead of the interior design of banqueting hall,because I feel the furniture are serviced for the interior enirovement,it is successful if the furniture become the light spot.

I came into the Beijing Shengshi Jiayuan Furniture company and become a furniture designer,which is the one of the ten biggest furniture company in Beijing.I worked on the ground ,as the salesperson,to learn the need of clients to different furniture personally ,then go to the client’s home and survey according to the actual features,after that ,recommend every styles furnitue to them.Through six months’experience,depending on the characteristics of yong people buying house,I design a small size and easy to fold sofa,which is well liked by the young men and women,and were favorably reviewed by the Janpanese and Korea clients,gave lots of overseas orders.It help me have a new discovery.In the March 2005, as the assistant of overseas’s salor manager,I attened the GuangZhou Furniture Show which is a exchange show help the Chinese furniture export to other countries .It give me more strongly touch.I found the furniture difference between china and other countries.The main reasons attracting the foreign clients are the low man power and raw material in china,however,part of the Chinese furniture copy the other countries’s.It let me feel more strongly responsibility.

To me,as a yong female designer,it is my dream let the other people learn the Chinese furniture through my works and then drive it’s development .that must absorb the soul in Chinese furniture in Ming and Qing dynasties,at the same time prserve and save,then creat again.so,in order to learn the furniture design better,I choose the Finland as my studing country.Finland is one of the famouse design countries,have plenty of forest, two-thirds of the country is covered by forest. The most important is forest industry are the traditional main manufacturing areas,It have advanced level of technique on the technology.In the furniture design,the technology take a important part,and some innovations come from the technology,that all of all must particular learn on the technology,there are many excellent teachers on the technology in Helsinki University of Technology, they are experts in the field within both the University and industry.From them ,I should learn how to deal with the precious forest more reasonly and efficiently,then product the dairy furniture depending on every series of ways.I hope I should study the distillation of furniture technology,and link them with Chinese furniture,creat the resplendence again.

I am challenging,I hope to become the chinese Hans Wagner to understand the soul of Chinese traditional furniture so better,then add them into the simple style in North Europe,create a new style.

Next to the love of furniture design,I also like adventure.I go to a strange city to find out the nature of the city alone.During the holiday time,I have traveled the big cities in china ,it not only steel my fortitudinous and bravely character but also extend my knowledge.in February 2005,I went to the Tibet and Yun Nan province by myself,they are two of the most specially cities in China,which are the minority settlements.Local culture and custom give me another elicitation to life and new uptake to design.I spent three months to learn the furniture markets everywhere in China between April and July in 2005,that help me have a thorough understanding to the actual state of Chinese furniture.So,I deepen the determination to go aboard for study more than ever.I wish I should help the Chinese furniture keep up with the developed countries on the technology and design,decrease the gap .Let the people in the world look at the characteristic Chinese furniture.

After graduation,I hope I could come into the famous furniture companies to learn,then come back,let the soul of Chinese traditional furniture combine with the modern furniture,and help the Chinese furniture stand on the world’s arena once again,expecially in 2008 BeiJing the Olympic Games,let the friends from other countries enjoy the charm of Chinese furniture.

Yours sincerely
hi, first of all, this letter is pretty good. but in my opinion, you should focus on the "real motivation" , not the previous experiences you got. of courses, your interests is important to give you the motivation. besides, you have to explain why you go that place, not others, like experience the western culture, the famous university to study your major, kind of... in other words, say sth good for the country and university you would like to go. fianlly, do not forget to provide the evidence you will come back to your own country. it is very important.

thanks for ur advice,i would adapt it.thank you.
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Dear Miss,

You write in a lovely style. I am an American business person now in Beijing for two months and will return in December to my home in Europe.

I have much experience in the furniture business and in the musical instrument (piano) manufacturing business in Asia. I worked for Kawai Piano Company of Japan, and for Kimball Piano and Organ Division for KIMBALL INCORPORATED one of the world's largest furniture making firm.

Please contact me at:
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I wish to learn from you if you are interested in assisting some of my furniture manufacturing clients with their needs for new design.

Did you go to Finland, or are you going?

I have a home in central Europe, the former Czechoslovakia......now called the Czech Republic.........I live in the beautiful capital city, Prague...............

Please write to me soonest since I leave Beijing very soon............My Beijing mobile phone is: 136 8308 7476.

Peter Magurean III
Managind Director
Mickiewiczova 17
Prague 6
160 00 Czech Republic