Some people might argue that providing tertiary education for the number of young people possible and useful. Personally, I completely disagree with point of view.

There are a variety of reasons why I think that providing high education for the quality of young people is possible and benefit. Firstly, having a university degree has a vital role student’s jobs in the future. Formal qualification gained from prestigious education enhance student’s career prospect. Moreover, in the knowledge-based society, people who are well-educated are likely to become more financial comfortable. For instance, in many countries, especially Germany, a country extremely consider to academic level of each person. In addition, university graduates would choose blue-collar jobs such as they are qualified for.

Secondly, it is possible to provide almost all young people with access to tertiary education. Because currently, high education rising are likely to response student’s dream which is studied a university. Moreover, government also has a large of scholarships for poor students who pursuing tertiary education. University’s scholarships are valuable from 25 to 100 percentage of free tuition. Besides, many private schools create various opportunities for colleges about enrollment method such as examination of transcripts, review the national high school exam scores.

In conclusion, this trend is attributable to two main reasons and I believe that tertiary education are capable of providing for the proportion of young people and this is benefit.


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