What is the difference between these two exapmles?THis is my supposition
It is raining means that at the moment is raining and It has been raining that it has just stopped or it must have something after 'it has been rainin' for example about 3 hours and then we write it has been raining. Is it true my supposition ?
If I could look out of the window and see rain coming down I could turn to my friend and say 'It is raining.' (it is raining now)

If I look out of the window and see no rain, but can see that everything is wet, puddles on the ground, damp pavement, I could turn to my friend and say 'It has been raining.' (it rained in the past).

If it was raining at 10am when I looked out the window the first time, and I look again at 2pm, I could say to my friend 'It has been raining for two hours!' (it has been raining over that period of time and is still raining now).

Another example for you.

What do you do for a living?
I am a waitress. (that is my job)

I need someone with customer care experience. Have you got any?
Well, I have been a waitress. (I used to do that job but not any more).

How long have you worked here?
I have been a waitress for 10 years (I started working as a waitress 10 years ago and have continued up to this date).
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You say 'it's raining' to describe a present situation: it is raining now.
if you use 'it has been raining', you should give a period of time after: it has been raining for 2 hours. It means it is still raining and it started raining 2 hours ago.
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Amandine is correct, but it isn't limited to this. One could say "It has been raining, but now it's sunny" - meaning recently it's rained, but it stopped and is now sunny. A time period isn't necessary, and it doesn't necessarily mean that it's still raining.
if the period is not necessary what's the difference then ? And what's the name of this form - has been raining and when we use such a form ?
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It is raining heavily all through this week
a ) has rained
b) rained
c) rains
d) no improvement
which one is correct ?

Fill in the blanks ( present tense only)

It ....... Raining all day.

It is raining - present continuous tens. Something that happening right at that moment.

It has been raining - present perfect continues tens. Something that happened in the near past and still continues.

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It is raining since morning
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