Could you help me, please?

Which is right:

1) It sounds different,


2) It sounds differently?

If they are both right, then what is the difference?

Thank you!


The first one. Using the adjective "different" sounds correct to my ear. It's better to wait for the teachers' correction, though.

Maria D1) It sounds different,

If you mean that its sound is different from before or from some other sound, use this. "Sound" is a linking verb. There are many lists of such verbs online. They include "seem", "look", "feel" and "be". Instead of having an object, they have a predicate nominative (a noun-like element) or a predicate adjective (an adjectival element).

Maria D2) It sounds differently?

There are extremely unlikely contexts for this if "sound" is not being used as a linking verb, but you can safely forget about them. At the risk of confusing you, but for the sake of accuracy and completeness, one example is "How does a blue whale differ from a fin whale? It sounds differently." "Differently" is an adverb here, of course.