It is argued that learning to keep animals is essential to elementary school students. From my own perspective, though there are some negative sides to this argument, this is an absolutely necessary skill that children should learn in their early stage of life. It would say that the advantages of such a move outweigh the disadvantages.

On the flip side, joining in taking care of animals may bring about a number of detrimental effects. Children are not mature enough to avoid self-harm accidents when contacting pets. According to Anim magazine, published in 2014, young offspring between 6-10 years old have a higher 15% of being stuck in dangerous situations due to their sudden touching of animals while playing. As a result, they have a tendency to scare and stay away from those creatures. In addition, children whose immune system is still incomplete are prone to suffer infectious diseases from animals. In this development stage, their health may be intensively damaged and have a dire consequence in later life.

On the bright side, the merits of this action are greater due to many reasons below. Firstly, lessons on animals can broaden their knowledge on a wide range of animals and it is easier to remember that information when they are in practical situations. Therefore, students will make smarter choices of daily diet which they eat and have long-term positive effects on their health in order to create societies of healthier people. Furthermore, young children can be provided a sense of independence and freedom through gaining practical experience facing animals in real life. It is not only necessary for their growing development in the future but also to close the connection between humans and pets that may decrease the illegal hunting rates in wild environments.

In conclusion, although there are some undeniable drawbacks from keeping animals, its extended personal development and health benefits are worth a second thought.


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