1. What month is this?

2. What month is it?

3. What season is this?

4. What season is it?

5. What year is this?

6. What year is it?

I think the above sentences are all acceptable, aren't they?

Which sentences are more common in American English?
The second of each pair - "it"
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It depens on the situation.

If it actually is July, and you ask what month we have, it would be more common to ask "What month is it?".

Best wishes, Jake
I don't understand. The situation is that the month is July (we are in July.) and let the set the scenario, say that, on July 20, 200_, you are asking which month I am in, you should ask "What month is this?", not the way like you have on (in????) your post.

Caveat: I must admit to the public out there in this forum that personally, I almost never saw anyone using "What month is this?" Almost always, the question is phrased as," What month is it?" or "Which month are we in?"

Should it be in or on?
You're correct - we'd say "what month is this." I've also heard "what month are we in," but that's less common.

You could make a BIG stretch and envision a conversation in which one person is telling you about all the things that he did last year. And he's going in chronological order, with a bunch of "and then... and then..." So now he's talking about his trip to Disneyworld, and you say "And what month is this?" which in that context would mean "and what month did this trip take place." But this is NOT a common way to phrase the question.

Go with "it."
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what year is this