What's the difference?

How I can get to know when I should use "it", when "that" and when "this".

I am never sure if I'm using the correct word in sentence like that/it/this/wroten below?

1) It's not me / that's not me /
2) It's my sister / this is my sister / that's my sister
3) I'm sorry to hear that / it
4) It's simple / that's simple / this is simple
5) Let me explain it/that/this
6) It's / that's / this is quite impossible
7) Really? It's / that's / this is great
8 ) it / that / this sounds terrible
9) It's / that's / this is my favourite book

If I make mistake confusing it with that or this could it change the meaning of the sentence a lot?
See It vs that

The difference is in the translation to your language, but in english they can all be used and they all mean almost the same.
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