At the spent nuclear fuel storage facility at Andreeva Bay, north-west of Saida Bay, you can see why.

It is dangerous. The delegation had to wear protective clothing even for their brief visit.
It is a sensitive location. The Russians told television crews, including the BBC, they had to agree to their pictures being censored if they wished to film.
It wasn't the first problem we had had. Earlier in the day, at the naval dockyard in Polyarny, we had been prevented from filming a submarine which was due to be broken up.
I assume he was an agent of the FSB, the Russian secret police. He demanded to see what was on the cassette in our camera.
We had not even been able to film the delegation looking at the submarine. Even with the Cold War over, the Soviet navy's nuclear legacy is still surrounded by secrecy and suspicion.
It was not the first problem we had had.
Is it fine to write 'had had' in the above?
It will be correct to say ' It was not the problem we had.'
I can't understand the use of two words of 'had'.
However, this borders past perfect.


The fifth sentence of the above is fine:
The Russians told the crew ...
They had to agree ...
[Just the imperfect tense.]


The seventh sentence is also fine:
Earlier in the day ...
We had been prevented ...

[Just the imperfect tense.]
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I woud say "the first problem we had had" is ok, and "the first problem we had" is probably ok too, but can't be sure. You need to wait for a native speaker. Emotion: smile
I am not satisfied by the answer. Our friend who answered the question was not sure about his reply.
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Here is a good thread explaining had had Please explain had had,had and have had,have
Thanks nona the brit for the reply.
I looked at the thread you mentioned. Our great friend CalifJim has explained some facts.
However, it is not clear to me.
I have learnt to write the words 'had had' in third conditional sentence.

1.If I have a Sun Sparc computer, I will run Solaris on it.
2.If I had a Sun Sparc computer, I would run Solaris on it.
3.If I had had a Sun Sparc computer, I would have ran Solaris on it.

[ Some of you may not know about Solaris. It is an operating system like your Windows. It belongs to the UNIX family. I work with Solaris. I don't have a Sun Sparc computer. I have an ordinary X_86 computer like yours. It is tardy on ordinary computers. Sun Sparc are very expensive computers. You can buy 100 ordinary computers for the money you need to buy a Sun Sparc computer.]
Yes, your sentences are correct.
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Rotter3.If I had had a Sun Sparc computer, I would have ran Solaris on it. <-- would have run
Nona didn't notice that, and maybe you already know, but... I thought I'd better point it out, you never know... Emotion: smile
oops, yes.
I beg to differ with you Kooyean.
It should be ran.
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