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Hi Francesca, I hadn't seen your pic until today December 24th, I've just seen your dog's pic... you seem like a very "tickle" girl Emotion: stick out tongue I bet you are like that! The only Italian girl I knew is Laura Paussini... but your nose is not' that clasic kind of Italian nose! Emotion: stick out tongue You know what I mean!
If someone still doesn't believe that my dog is crazy...just look this:

he likes to wear a mask in CarnivalEmotion: big smile
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how beautiful you are!!!!
Peak Lihow beautiful you are!!!!

did you mean my dog, didn't you! Yes he's very beautiful....Emotion: smile
Otherwise he was joking at you. Emotion: big smile

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YoHfOtherwise he was joking at you. Emotion: big smile


maybe....YoHf.....maybe Emotion: big smile
So your dog would like to walk on the roof acting like a cat, and would love to disguise himself with a mask... Seems to me he has personality problems... Have you ever considered getting an appointment with a psychiatrist for him ?... They do have dog shrinks nowadays you know.
Hey Waïti!!!! My dog is already gone to the shrink and this is what the psychiatrist said "Nothing to do with this dog...he is totally crazy"Emotion: wink

Cheers Emotion: smile
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Cara Francesca,
You'll have to forgive me for what I'm about to say... but sometimes when a pet has psychological problems, then the issue is to be found with the owner...
This is definitely not a nice thing to say, and you'll hate me for suggesting this, but in a spirit of candor I felt I should tell you about it.
(Now you know I'm not a gentle person...)
Ciao bella ragazza.
(And yes my italian sucks...)
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