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Hey Waïti....lol...you're right...my dog is crazy? It's only my fault! Emotion: big smile

You're italian is good!!!! My english sucks Emotion: embarrassed And you are gentle because you wrote "Ciao bella ragazza"!Emotion: wink


i am a new man
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Your crazy dog is so cute,Francesca!Really cute!
Thanks Nyla....Emotion: smile
Yes he is... From up close he even has this Droopy look that says he could get real wild anytime and have a maniac fit of few seconds before putting back his mask on [6]
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Another proof of my dog's craziness:

he keeps still in this position for hours near my bedroom door...that's really weird
Hi francesca, u really have a lovely dog, i also have another one, he is very handsome too...but i´ll like to see more pictures of u, i mean, i can speak to u no to your dog...u know what i mean???anyway i´ll send u a picture of my dog...and u can post more pictures of u....bye
Hi Mito...your dog is cute despite he is out of focus Emotion: stick out tongue

I can post this pic that I've posted in foro de espanol: me and my dog Dado! Cheers Emotion: smile
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Hi again, my dog isn´t out of focus, i took the picture with my phone so the picture has a bad quality, anyway your dog is cut and i´m glad u liked my dog
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