Hi everybody! This is my dog, his name is Dado, in english is Dice, he likes walking on the roof...he is really crazy!!!!

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CiaoEmotion: smile
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Hi Francesca,

Nice doggie but so sad we don't get to see youEmotion: sad
How nice... But what if he falls? Will it give a number from 1 to 6 or will it simply splatter itself on the ground? [joking] Emotion: big smile

How old is it?
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Hi Savvy, you're totally right....this is my photo

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The girl on the left is my sister Eleonora, I am the girl on the right! Emotion: smile
Is the black spot on you dog genuine or you colour it?
Hi Francesca,

your nice dog is very "fuori come un balcone"...:-) It's the first time I hear about a dog who likes to walk on the roof.....weird :-)

I also have a dog (you can see her on the "nice, isn't she" topic). Is the photo you put here Genoa? It looks like it.

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Hi Ale, I just went to see your dog, she's really nice!

Yes, my dog is really "fuori come un balcone" but you have to think that it's really easy for him to jump on the roof because our terrace is at roof!

The town that you see behind Dado is Porto S. Stefano, a small town on the sea in province of Grosseto, did you ever hear about it? Maybe this summer you heard about the wedding Ricucci-Falchi held in my town...che palle, credimi

hi hi!!

I love the dog too!!
and, I agree, it's also my first time I hear that a dog likes to walk on the roof :-D
How special!
hopefully my dog will never go walk on the roofs, because that would scare me!!!!!! hahaha

By the way...
It makes me think of this 5 december-thing we know in Holland.. In stead of Santa we have Sinterklaas..
It's a story about a man from spain who used to bring nice sweet children presents on 5 december.
He is doing that with his helpers from the roof of every house.. sitting on his horse (who can walk on the roofs very good!)
(he is coming into the house trough the chimney)

Maybe your dog used the be one of the horses in his life before, hahahha
(well, I neither believe that myself, but ok..)


Hi! Thanks for sharing this story with me! I'm very interested about stories from other countries!Emotion: wink

Anyway I think my dog was a body-guard in his life before, because he follows me in every step that I make! Sometimes he's stressful
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