Luca Toni is the player that can take Italy all the way and win the world cup. He has been outstanding for Palermo and Fiorentina. He is a player that is not known outside of Serie A. With Nesta, Cannavaro and Buffon protecting the goal i can Italy going all the way. Czech Republic will give them a real game and even if they come second in the group they are one of the few teams that can beat Brazil. However, i think they will win the group by beating the czech republic.

Germany can score goals but there defence is terrible. Argentina have loads of talent but Italy can beat them. Holland are too young while England dont have any fit players.

Italy to win the world cup. if i was a gambler my money would be on them
I really hope it too Emotion: big smile

...and Luca Toni is my favourite player!!!
as ian italian fan i hope your right

nice predictions , seem valid in my eyes

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But I think it would be nice if the Italian players spent at least some of the time in a vertical position...