Clark: I still have those two tickets for the journalism
conference. It'd be a great chance to spend some time together.
Chloe: Okay, it's a date. It's a deal or just a date?
It means he agrees to the suggestion that they will spend time together at the journalism conference, presumably on a specific date. It's also a "deal" in that it's something they both agree to.
Thanks, D! But I'm prety sure you meant she.
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Sorry - I was watching Lois Lane pursue Clark Kent on the movies the other night and I guess I got mixed up about my Clarks Emotion: smile
Well for what it's worth this is that same Clark Kent here.Emotion: wink
What, did he leave Lois? I'm disillusioned forever!

I'm afraid I haven't seen all the Superman movies, and by "not all" I mean "more than one."
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DelmobileWhat, did he leave Lois? I'm disillusioned forever!
Um, no. Not exactly. You see this is Smallville. A serial movie that tells the story
of Clark Kent before he became Superman. And these lines are from Season 1.
But eventually Clark does meet Lois in Season 4. And it's really funny to watch them
making fun of each other.Emotion: big smile