Hello, all!
I'm not too sure about what's right here:
1. "It's been a long time since we met"
2. "It's a long time since we met"
I think both are right, but I don't know why 2. is right. Could someone please explain?
Both can be rewritten as:
3. "We haven't met for a long time", is that right? (long time no see...)

And: can it also work with
4. "It's months since we met"
5. "It's 2 years since we (last?) met"

Thanks in advance.
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Mr P

Thank you for the reply. But actually an American English teacher is insisting in a Japanese dominant English learning site that it must be "since+PRES.PERFECT", not "since+PAST". I feel the time is coming we have to call British English and American English differently(Brenglish and Amenglish?)

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A simple 'yes' or a 'no'? Don't think I've done one of those before...

1. it's a long time since I saw you. ] Fine.

2a. it's been a long time] Fine.

2b. it's been a long time since I saw you.] Not comfortable with this.

2c. it's been a long time since I've seen you.] Definitely not comfortable.

'It's been a long time' (to my mind) implies that the 'long time' is about to end, or has ended. You might say it on meeting someone: 'It's been a long time!'

Then we add 'since...'; and the 'long time' seems over-defined.

(I told you I couldn't do a simple Yes/No.)

Must re-ponder this one.

Where is the website, Paco?

Hello Mr P

It is [url="http://www.alc.co.jp/eng/kaiwa/steve/index.html "]the American guy[/url]. The topic he is dealing with changes from week to another that the article I mentioned has gone somewhere. Regret..

Yet, you say "it's been ages!", but maybe you don' add "since..." after it?
though "it's been ages " is not a finite sentence. What's supposed to come after it?
(if you have doubts about your French, don't hesitate!)
PS I don't like 2c either, would never use it.
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'Since' + present perfect ('It's been a long time since we've seen each other') seems illogical in this context, as we need a fixed point at the far end of the 'long time'; whereas 'since we have seen each other' suggests a continuous period from this end. Can 'since' point to a moving target in this way? I wouldn't have thought so; but a lot of people disagree, according to Google.

I think Paco may be right about the AmE/BrE division here. 'It's a long time since' seems proportionately more googleable in the UK than 'it has been a long time since'.

I take your point too, Pieanne. Maybe 'it's been a long time!' seems less strange to me because I've heard it in so many films. It has a 'Western' ring to it: 'It's been a long time, Frank...' (Or 'Hank'.)

Then this would be correct?
"We've been seeing ghosts since we've moved into this house"
I'd rather say:

'We've been seeing ghosts since we moved into this house.'

Present perfect continuous + since + fixed point: time stretching back to X.

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So would I...
Thanks, MrP.
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