When I ask the time and someone tells me "it's a quarter of six" what does that mean? Where did that language originate? I know 'quarter to', or 'quarter til' or 'quarter after', but where did 'quarter of' come from?
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It's an American usage, and very common.

It is 15 minutes before 6, or 5:45.
it is 6:15
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As noted, it's an American expression. As a Canadian, I wouldn't understand it if I heard it.

Best wishes, Clive
Anonymousit is 6:15

Absolutely not! "A quarter of six" is 5:45, not 6:15.
it is 5:45 pm
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When someone tells me it's quarter of six, that tells me the time is 5:45. NOT 6:15!!!!!!

So, you must be an American.Emotion: smile

it is not 6:15!!
it is 5:45 or 15 min. before 6
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