What is the meaning of the following sentence? tks

It's always something with you


She's just tired
Of bein' Cinderella
She can't live that way no more
She needs a little affection
A little understanding
And you better be careful
'Cause the next time she comes to my door
You'll be sorry

'Cause it seems like
It's always something with you
And everybody's always wrong
One of these nights
You'll reach for the pillow she sleeps on
And she's gonna be gone
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You're never satisfied?
Thank you and glad to 'see' you again, Pieanne.
Sorry, your interpretation don't satisfied me very much this time.
Anyway, thank you for your kind help again.

I am going to sleep now.

Have a good weekend there.Emotion: smile))))))
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There's always something wrong with you? Is it better? both fit. Sorry I can't help more!
It means she is always complaining about something
Wouldn't it be "he"?

Same as "He's high maintenance", right? Or is that just U.S. English?
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Oh yes, at second glance, definitely he. Well...oh no never mind, let's not complicate matters!
Yes, indeed. Let's not go there! Emotion: smile
Mybe he meant that she tell some one something he doesn't want to know or make him nervous and then this persion did mistakes for the man who wrote the message to some one.


Iam not native English ,but Ithink that it might be like this .
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