1) It has been since this document was written
2) It has been since this document had been written

I have an arguement with my friend which one is correct.
I think both are possible and it depends on the context.
What do you think?
I too am struggling for context.


{Two very humble clerks in a C19 legal practice have been studying a particularly convoluted draft contract for months. Suddenly one looks up, and notices snow outside:}

'Hey! Whatever happened to summer?'
'It has been and gone, since this document was written.'

But I can't find a meaning for #2. Maybe someone else can...

I'm on the verge of one - possibly. how about if we make the meaning of the word 'since' as/because instead of a reference to a time frame.

It has been, since this document had been written for professional clowns, suggested that we write another version for architects!

Although 'was' would be better than 'had been' but I think there could be a use in this way, I just can't quite find it!
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What has been? Or it has been . . . what? Can you give us a little more context, please??
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Yeah I think (1) past simple is better here. The context is very vague...

For 2: if we have 2 actions and we are taling about the one which happened first, won't it be 'had been'?
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It has BEEN! You know, when it has to GO.
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