Hello everybody. I'm evan from China. Please get in touch with me if anyone can teach me english, or make friends with me!:)
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sorry,this is my pic
Hey, Evan! A nice photo! Welcome! Emotion: smile
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Thanks, Ruslana. That is when I graduated from university last year.
So now you are... about 23?
I'm 24, since I spent 5 years in university, and I've got two degrees. It's double bachelor.
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Interesting. In Russia we get the degree that foreigners call "master's degree" after 5 study years.
This is my course in University too.......it's an old course, because now it's the same as you
I think it's good. If we want to get a master's degree, we have to study at least 6 years in university. And beforehand, we must pass the entrance exam for master degree. It's difficult.
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